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Launching wheels V4A stainless steel with PU wheels Ø260mm

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Weight: 4,9 kg per pair

  Foldable PU launching wheels for inflatable boats made of stainless steel                                     Protected by patents
 V4A (1.4571 AISI-316Ti with titanium addition)  for saltwater.


The „Foldable launching wheels“ are attached to the outer side of the transom, so that the wheels can be folded up and down unobstructedly. The top and bottom positions of the wheels are fixed according to the design of the boat. Using the appropriate folding feature, they can be folded down when transporting the boat, so that the stern rests firmly on the two wheels. The „Foldable launching wheels“ can thus be folded up and locked into place, so as not to obstruct the journey on the water and allow unhindered rolling up/folding of the boat (without disassembling the „Foldable launching wheels“).

Launching wheels

All parts are made of stainless steel V4A (1.4571 AISI-316Ti with titanium addition). 
 The wheels are made of plastic rims and PU-tyres (polyurethan).



Installation instruction VIDEO

Product description:
  • wheels: PU-tyres on plastic rims without bearing
  • wheel diameter: Ø260mm x 85mm
  • struts: stainless steel square tubes 30 x 30 x 2,0mm
  • all metal parts made of stainless steel
  • rubber seals: solid rubber 4 mm
  • weight of a pair of launching wheels – 4,5 kg

  • foldable and detachable
  • do not need to be fitted and dismantled for every journey on the water
  • can be extended and folded by hand
  • the boat comes movable quickly and without using any tools
  • a single person can thus comfortably move a loaded boat
  • the folded up and locked wheels do not obstruct the journey on the water
  • do not limit the engine compartment, what is especially important when maneuvering
  • allow a deflated boat with mounted wheels, as well as unobstructed rolling up (see photo)
  • the overall apperance of the boat on the water is not impaired by the wheels (see photo)
  • compatible with any boat transom
  • make boats moveable with a weight of up to 220 kg

Included in delivery:
  1. tyres :  PU-tyres on plastic rims without bearings
  2. stainless steel struts with corresponding stainless steel components : spacer washers, split pins and springs
  3. Stainless steel screws for mounting on stern board.
  4. installation instructions

The Launching Wheels are delivered assembled, ready for mounting on the boat already.

Launch wheels

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5 out of 5 stars!

Tres bien, Je suis entierement satisfait. Very well done and fast skipping in Canada.
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5 out of 5 stars!

Brilliant product. Improvements could only be options for: Length of mounting bolts. (To allow for different transom thickness) Length of ...
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